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Have you made the jump to Zend Framework 1.8?

Over the weekend I have finally made the jump to 1.8. There, of course, are few changes in this new version, some of the most significant is the introduction of Zend_Application and Zend_Tool. Several blog posts helped me along the way, but I should be honest with you, it took me a good number of hours to assimilate the new “Bootstrap.php” paradigm and move my project to the the new way of doing bootstrapping. If you are starting new project, take a look at this clean writeup. I, however, was not starting a new project and needed something that will accommodate a modular directory structure. A good start was this blog post. I hope this two links will help somebody to make the jump to the new Zend Framework version less painful.


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Last year I have written a post about enabling pgpass under Windows XP . Today I repeated the procedure for Windows 7. Basically everything worked as before, with the following exception - the APPDATA directory in Win 7 is different. What I did first was to check the name of the user running PostgreSQL server process. Then log in as that user and find out where is the APPDATA directory for that user. echo %APPDATA% From that point on, just follow the instructions in the previous post. Good luck!

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Download phpunit.phar from - Find your php bin directory. In my case it is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\ZendServer\bin Add this directory to your path. In the same php bin directory create .bat file with the following content: @ECHO OFF set PHP_BIN=php.exe set FILE_PATH="C:\path\to\phpunit_phar_file\phpunit.phar" %PHP_BIN% %FILE_PATH% %* Done. phpunit will be available from any location.