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PDF Generation with Apache FOP

I wrote a small PHP class for generation of PDF document using XML,XSL-FO and Apache FOP Generation. Here is a process outline: Install Apache FOP on your server; Edit the relevant path to the executible in the declaration part of the class; Create XML string; Create XSL file to convert the XML string to XSL-FO; Create instance of XMLPDFGeneration class Set debug flag, fo file output directory and pdf file output directory Call XMLPDFExecute() function; You are done - the PDF file is generated; Here is the code: <? class XMLPDFGeneration{ private $fop_command="/usr/local/src/apache_fop/fop-0.20.5/"; private $debug_pdf = TRUE; private $debug_file="/var/www/documents/pdfgen/pdfcall.txt"; private $fo_file_prefix="FO_"; private $fo_output_dir="/tmp"; private $pdf_file_prefix="CA_"; private $pdf_output_dir="/var/www/documents/pdfgen/"; private $error_redirect_uri="http://www.go


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