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Have you made the jump to Zend Framework 1.8?

Over the weekend I have finally made the jump to 1.8. There, of course, are few changes in this new version, some of the most significant is the introduction of Zend_Application and Zend_Tool. Several blog posts helped me along the way, but I should be honest with you, it took me a good number of hours to assimilate the new “Bootstrap.php” paradigm and move my project to the the new way of doing bootstrapping. If you are starting new project, take a look at this clean writeup . I, however, was not starting a new project and needed something that will accommodate a modular directory structure. A good start was this blog post . I hope this two links will help somebody to make the jump to the new Zend Framework version less painful.

Geography Of Jobs

I have stumbled upon this post and thought it is pretty interesting.

Saving Bulgaria’s Jews: An analysis of social identity and the mobilisation of social solidarity

Interesting read .