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Payroll service anyone? How to shop for service and get paid

I need payroll provider? Fast! How do I choose among the services offered? I need to ask question before moving forward! Who do I contact first? All of these questions and many more can be answered using's new web service. The site lets you search for companies, save your search, contact people and get rewarded with points.Cool! read more | digg story

10 Incentive Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Originally appeared in Sales & Marketing Management magazine By Sally Stevens The HR Chally Group . Here is the link

Web Metrics and why do we care

I found this two great sources for more on web metrics include Jim Sterne’s book Web Metrics and his “E-Metrics” white paper available for free here .

How CSS can crash IE6

Today I spend the day trying to fix a misterious crash problem with Internet Explorer 6. Finally I found this site with suggestions for a fix.

Who Lost Russia?

And this is only the start. Everything is going according the plan, the neocon document Rebuilding America's Defenses. NATO has been expanded to the East, air bases in Romania and Bulgaria, permanent bases in the Caspic region. They have yet to put US Navy in the Black Sea and start their expansion in Southeast Asia. read more | digg story

Andi Gutmans on working with Microsoft & Improving PHP on Windows

Today at Zendcon Bill Hilf and Andi Gutmans announced a new technical collaboration aimed at improving the performance of PHP on Windows both for IIS 6 as well as in the future including IIS 7 on Longhorn... read more | digg story

Sitepoint PHP Blog

Check this blog out! Or as I saw somewhere : Have you had you PHP today?